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The Interbank Sports have always played a major role in bringing together staff within the banking industry in a free and friendly sporting atmosphere. It is expected that this year’s event will still generate the usual keen interest. Banks compete in different sports and the winners are awarded during the closing ceremony.

The competition will feature the following events:

1. Football:

2. Basketball (men):

3. Basketball (women):

4. Squash (men):

5. Squash (women):

6. Badminton:

7. Volleyball(Men/Women):

8. Swimming (men):

9. Swimming (Women):

10. Netball:

11. Tug-of-War:

12. Lawn Tennis (men):

13. Lawn Tennis (women):

14. Table Tennis (Men):

15. Darts:

16. Snooker:

17. Draughts :

18. Chess:

19. Scrabble:

20. 100 metres (men):

21. 100 metres (women):

22. 200 metres (men):

23. 200 metres (women):

24. 400 metres (men):

25. 400 metres (women):

26. 800 metres (men):

27. 800 metres (women):

28. 4 x 100 metres (men):

29. 4 x 100 metres (women):

30. 4 x 400 metres (men):

31. 4 x 400 metres (women):

32. 1500 metres (men):

33. Golf*:

34. Table Tennis(Women):

35. Corporate Run:

36. Ceo’s Run:

To subsidize the budget for hosting the tournament the committee has decided that the participation fee be as follows: - (Per Team):

1. Football Kshs. 23,000:

2. Basketball Kshs. 16,000:

3. Volleyball Kshs. 16,000:

4. Netball Kshs. 16,000:

5. Golf Kshs.7,000 per participant:

6. Swimming Kshs.19,000 :

7. Badminton Kshs.13,000:

8. Athletics Kshs.2, 500 per event:

9. All other events Kshs. 13,000 per event.:

10. Ceo’s Run Kshs. 6,000.00 per participant:

11. Corporate Run Kshs. 6,000.00 per participant:

Please note that all payments should be drawn payable to the Kenya Institute of Bankers.:

Sponsors who are corporate members of the Institute are requested to give wide publicity towards this important event to all their officers in charge of sports/staff welfare instructing them to submit names of their teams accompanied by respective payments for the events they are entering so as to reach the sports organizing committee by Friday 16th August 2019 addressed to: -

Chairman – Sports Committee

The Kenya Institute of Bankers

Nairobi Local Centre

NBK Building, Harambee Ave Street

P.O. Box 73530


The final modalities of the games will be communicated to the captains/team managers of each team well in advance to enable adequate preparations. Enclosed herewith is a copy of the general rules and regulations regarding the games. We look forward to good participation with a view of making this function an enjoyable social and sporting event in the banking industry. For further information/clarification, kindly call the undersigned.
Yours faithfully,

Immanuel Okutoyi

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